Our partners 🤙

Profound changes come from close cooperation between people who put their hearts into what they do, which is why we only collaborate with partners that are like us: they believe in sustainability and try to make the world a better place removing from the roads one car at a time.


We met the guys of Triple2 quite some time ago in Munich, during an event of the “Radlhaupstadt München” (Munich Capital of the bicycle) and we immediatly felt there was a feeling.

They produce bike clothing only using merino wool or nylon from recycled ocean plastic.

– click to check Triple2’s website


If you are not new to bikes, you may have already heard about them.

Thanks to wahoo we are able to follow the tracks we have created on the computer and always find our way home, whether we decide to try unplanned variants or have to find the fastest way not to miss the last train.

click to check wahoo’s website


POC is a Sweden leading manufacturer of helmets with a mission to ‘Protect lives and reduce the consequences of accidents’ of unquestionable quality and relevance.
They push us to discover more and more, reaching our own boundaries

click to check POC’s website


7.20 is an helmet manufacturer, their aim is not only to reduce as much as possible the plastic in their production chain, their most important aim is that of creating a super-secure helmet.

Also, we can grab an helmet just by bike, as their headquarters are just a few kms away from us.

click to check 7.20’s website