Venice-Po Delta


250km ↔️

4 days 📅

13% unpaved 🚵‍♂️

320m D+ ↗️

320m D- ↘️

11m asl ⛰

🗺 Venice, train station (VE)

📅 April – October


🔎 Overview

The ride from Venice to Po Delta carries you into another world – The Waterworld. The Adriatic Sea on one hand and the lagoon on the other.

Ancient cities and villages, wild nature, rough sea, the cultivated lagoon, the thousands of birds, the huge river and its many arms. Riding here is mindblowing and requires almost no effort; except for the headwinds!

A hidden gem is the town of Goro in the south, the epicentre of Vongole production. You can hire a boat and visit the delta to see the ongoing struggle between sea and land. Best B&B in Goro is “De la Nada”.

Taste the many fish dishes, which here under venetian influence are remarkably different than in other parts of Italy.

The starting and ending points of the tour are the train stations of Venice and Rovigo. You’ll get from one island to the next by ferry. We suggest to check the water level of the Po River (you may ask the locals), as many boat bridges do not work if it’s too high. Consider also that many hotels and restaurants might be closed during off season in beach villages like Rosolina Mare.

👀 Our advices

Try to cycle through the lagoon in early morning you will see a lot more birds and it will be worthy!

To cross the “Po di Levante” at Porto di Levante contact the boat service beforehand.

Some of the bridges over the different arms of the Po river delta are boatbridges. In case of really high water flow they might not be working. You will get daily information about that at your accommodation.

📸 Points of interest

—the lagoon city


Po Delta
—vaste area where the Po river dives into the Adriatic sea

Scardovari Bay

Po River
—the biggest Italian river

Photo Gallery

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