Sinis peninsula


75km ↔️

1 day 📅

58% unpaved 🚵‍♂️

330m D+ ↗️

330m D- ↘️

43m asl ⛰

🗺 Cabras (CA)

📅 February – November


🔎 Overview

This bike trip takes us to the west coast of Sardinia, along the Sinis peninsula. Archaeological attractions next to fantastic beaches – don’t forget your swimming costume!

We start in Cabras, a small town at the southern end of the peninsula. The tour starts with back roads inland to the north. 

Passing the villages of Nurachii and Riola Sardo, we reach the west coast south of the Is Arenas pine forest.

From here on, the route leads directly along the coast of the Sinus peninsula: small bathing establishments alternate with private houses, cliffs composed of coarse coral sands, steppe landscapes and lagoons.

Several ruins of Saracen towers line the road. To the south, just before the southern tip of the Sinis peninsula, you pass ‘la Torre di Seu’, a mystical place overlooking the rugged coastline.

A few kilometres further south, we pass one of the oldest churches in Italy: San Giovanni di Sinus, built in Byzantine style.

After a short asphalt climb we reach the archaeological site of Tharros. From these remains of a Punic city, an easy path leads us to the southern cape.

Returning to the starting point in Cabras, the tour passes the inland lake ‘Stagno di Cabras’ – an impressive ecosystem of wetlands and marshes – if you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of pink flamingos and cormorants.

👀 Our advices

Tubeless is highly recommended

📸 Points of interest

Oristano gulf

San Marco cape

Turr’e Seo natural reserve

Mari Ermi beach
— and its colourful little stones

De Malu Entu island

Capo Mannu tower

Is Arenas pine forest

Cabra’s pond

Photo Gallery

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