Meet the team¬†ūü§©

Everyone of us is different, we merge like a puzzle creating a bigger picture. Everyone of us loves riding a different bike and in a different way, that’s why we are a dream team! Meet the faces behind the staff picks¬†ūüėĀ

Patrick Kofler

Gravel / Road

– 1973

Andando su o gi√Ļ, gi√Ļ o su. Ho capito. Tre applicazioni di afasol, di un’ora l’una. Subito! Che c’√®? Ehm.. blinda la supercazzola con scappellamento a sinistra e a destra come se fossero dei pentoloni.

G√ľnther Innerebner

Gravel / Road

– 1975

I love the wind and the speed. On the other hand, steep passages on the uphill section should only be short as I have to crank up over 100kg.

Also, I don’t like at all when cars are whizzing by too close. Okay, who likes that?

Ian Marco Carta

Gravel / Road

– 1993

Started as a roadie, converted to gravel as it is sooo much more fun and versatile.

Bikepacking is now my mantra.

Linda Schwerdhöfer

Gravel / Trekking

– 1993

I used to ride my trekking bike, one day I discovered that light bikes are more fun and thus I bought my first cyclocross.

Werner Stampfer

Gravel / Enduro

– 1978

I enjoy the adrenaline of enduro descents as much as power-sapping endless climbs on gravel. My motto: “gritting¬†teeth¬†is paramount‚ÄĚ.

In addition to bike trips, you’ll find me riding unicycle trails in the forest.